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Provides testing policies for health professionals ordering HIV, hepatitis C and hepatitis B tests and receiving, interpreting and delivering results to patients. 


These resources serve as a guide and support for healthcare professionals seeking to understand and address the impact of stigma and discrimination on patient care.


Your Cultural Lens offers a training resource in cross-cultural communication for sexual health and blood-borne viruses.

WA Health.PNG

WA Health e-learning package for WA Health staff and other health professionals on identifying, understanding and reducing blood-borne virus stigma and discrimination. 

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Health Translations is a free online library of high-quality translated Australian health and wellbeing information for Australian health practitioners and people who work with culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

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Competency standards framework for clinicians around culturally responsive clinical practice and working with people from migrant and refugee backgrounds. 


A guide on cultural competence in Australia that explores the importance and benefits of developing culturally and linguistically diverse workforces and its link with organisational cultural competence. 


The Odyssey Research Hub houses researchers from the Curtin School of Population Health, working in collaboration with researchers from other disciplines and international institutions to investigate issues relating to public health, population mobility and migration. 


Community of Practice for Action on HIV and Mobility (CoPAHM) quarterly e-news, a source for the latest updates regarding HIV and mobility issues. 


Making your materials work: A quick guide to developing culturally appropriate and effective HIV resource content. Report developed by Collaboration for Evidence, Research and Impact in Public Health (CERIPH). 

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